Top 10 Social media marketing campaigns of 2022

Top 10 Social media marketing campaigns of 2022

Successful social media marketing campaigns these days require not a lot of effort, but a smart one. If you have landed on this blog, you are probably wondering what it takes to build a powerful and far-reaching social media campaign, and how it grabs the attention of viewers on various social media platforms.

Let us skim through the top social media marketing campaigns this far in 2022, and what these campaigns bring to the table for many creators!


1-   Dove – #showus

With the rising feeling of under-representation in the media amongst women, Dove launched its very authentic social media marketing campaign #showus where it has collaborated with Getty Images and collected over 5000 images. This step aims to represent all kinds of individuals and enhance self-esteem among people. the hashtag garnered over 644k posts on Instagram alone.


2-  Apple- #shotoniphone

Engaging its community and showcasing the product on a pedestal, Apple never fails to give us #goals for social media marketing!

The social media platforms served as a significant boost even for offline marketing, producing unprecedented results for the company.

The hashtag #shotoniphone has garnered more than 25.5 million posts on Instagram alone, and is trending in the top 10 on Twitter for many weeks now!


3-  Airbnb- #madepossiblebyhosts

Attracting over 17 Million views across the globe, Airbnb touched every single one of our travel dreams with their simple yet amazing social media marketing campaign.

Showing a group of friends enjoying their time by the River House, the imperfect, authentic, and simplistic content powered Airbnb to boost its engagement in the right direction. This video, Forever Young, gained over 7.5 million views.


4-   Duolingo- The TikTok masterpiece

Generating interest- is the most painful and challenging part of social media marketing. But Duolingo seems to have mastered this technique!

Targeting the funny content strategy on this social media platform, the cutest green owl mascot is shown obsessed with Dua Lipa!

Practicing pickup lines and romancing her life-size cutout, Duolingo has done it all!

Their videos do not necessarily sell their service, but grab a user’s attention- and that’s exactly the charm of it!

Their videos now have over 55 million views on various social media platforms.


5-   TikTok- #musicsaves

A non-profit foundation, Save the Music gives out aid to unprivileged students. Using an

all-reaching social media platform TikTok, Save the Music trended on the featured hashtags list.

An app made for music, the audience received the campaign well and its emotional and empowering effects were staggering.

This social media marketing campaign gained a whopping 229 million views.


6-   Spotify- #Wrapped

If you have a Spotify account, you will surely receive your unique mix of songs you have listened to all year. With over 200k hashtags on Instagram alone, this social media marketing campaign has definitely garnered fans in the long run.

With such an individualistic approach and an overall reach to different social media platforms, it sure has many fans- including us!


7-   Boat- Ad-Free Music for everyone!

Nobody likes ads, especially when you’re listening to music… Enter BoAt!

Landing a tweet from Elon Musk himself, BoAt founder Aman Gupta went ahead and bought all the ad spaces on the Gaana app on this world music day!

Receiving an overwhelming response, this impromptu yet amazing social media marketing campaign was extended for 4 hours and was appreciated by many users who joined in.

8-   Skittles- #Loveislove

Restoring black and white images that represent Pride’s iconic moments throughout history, Skittles is garnering visibility through its colorful agenda.

With the tagline-“Pride should always be full of color”, skittles gives up its beautiful color packaging a rest each pride month in a blend with a thoughtful social media marketing campaign. Skittles definitely have our hearts on this one!

9-   Wikipedia- #KnowWithWiki

+Wikipedia had surely boosted itself in social media marketing strategies and is making GenZ connect through content creators on social media.

The information giant teamed up with content creators to create content on topics of interest using the information on Wikipedia.

The treasure trove of information really used some brilliant tactics to encourage GenZ to make good use of it!


10-   HRX- #communitydrivenmarketing

Leading the way in how brands should leverage their community, HRX walked the talk with its latest social media marketing campaign.

Given the chance of being the face of the brand while shooting with – THE Hritik Roshan himself, many users created fitness reels as part of the challenge.

The campaign generated an organic reach of more than 4.6 Million, generating 45 lakh views on the reels!

Now that’s what we call a blockbuster campaign!



All these social media marketing campaigns contain an amalgam of brands that have reached a pedestal in their respective fields. There is always something to learn, but some principles of

social media marketing remain constant. Community Engagement, Driving Values, and

showcasing any service from a consumer’s perspective will work their magic on the viewers, as showcased in our mentioned campaigns.

Do you have any other campaigns in mind that should have made this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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