Looking for the perfect agency to bring that magic touch to your product launch? The Latest Buzz is your solution. Bringing the best product launch campaigns, we are sure to make you our long-time friend when it comes to accounting for your brand’s success.

Keeping your brand’s ideologies and values in mind, we gather the best demographic study and the customer base that appeals the most to your idea on both social media and offline bases to drive the best campaign for your product and services.

With aggressive market research of customers, competitors, and related campaigns- our 3C’s of success- we drive into the logistics of our launch strategy to drive a good yield of engagement and conversion.

As an agency working very extensively with brands, we have an extensive portfolio that shows our expertise as a product launch consultancy. With online, offline, and hybrid campaigning strategies, we make sure the product garners all the attention and engagement.

At the Latest Buzz, we curate everything From concept to implementation, campaign launch, multi-channel marketing, and evaluation of the launch strategy, we ensure that you are capable of creating a buzz and making an instant hit. We leverage product launches as the possibility to elevate your commercial enterprise.

The product launches garner a lot of attention to them when it comes to driving a successful campaign. Having comprehensive product launch services, we cater to monitoring, reviewing, and driving insights from all our efforts. It’s a task to launch a product, but even a bigger one to make it successful.

Apart from driving customer retention strategies, we collaborate with your brand development team to comprehensively drive future strategies in the field. The placement of your product plays a huge role in the brand’s image. As a product launch agency, we make sure to associate with the best collaborators to drive a fruitful pre-launch digital marketing campaign for it.

For product launches, we cater to a variety of platforms on social media like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, and many others according to the client’s customized needs. For your offline launches, we have tie-ups with some of the most premium locations in Delhi and Gurugram to meet your needs.

The arrangements for both will be made with all the customizations requested by the client. Our team of experts will make sure to increase your ROI in every sense possible, from events to your product being associated with various brands as well.

How do you decide the best time and platform for the product launch?

We do extensive research on the location that is being chosen for promotion and make plans accordingly, keeping in mind the social media trends there and the product trends that are relevant.

What activities ensure customer retention from your end?

From our end, we will be extending strategies to help you retain customers through engagement on a deep level with the consumers, highlighting your USP, and marking the best out of your product.

How do you search for the perfect demographic?

Our team of experts in the field of marketing uses various tools to set up perfect criteria and define a demographic that will best suit your needs.

How are we going to measure the product’s success as a brand?

Through our digital media campaigns on various platforms, we derive the metrics for the online success of the product and set up criteria for the offline campaigns as well depending on the type of event.

What will be included in your digital product launch campaign?

You’ll be working with email marketing, paid campaigns, and the production of material and editing, along with other promotional activities.

Will The Latest Buzz connect us with a niche expert/influencer to promote our product/brand?

Definitely! As one of the best product launch consultancy, we have an extensive network of influencers for you to choose from.

What kind of activities will be organized to distinguish launching our product with The Latest Buzz?

According to your brand, we will curate different types of activities that will engage your target demographic, as well as other age groups to raise awareness of your brand.

How will we analyze the right buyer personas for our product?

Our demographic studies will point to your buyer persons. Our digital marketing efforts will also point to your target personas.

Will the agency look into the competitive landscape of the niche?

For sure. Knowing and understanding the competitive landscape before launch will only help us prepare your messaging, sales enablement content, and execution strategies. 

How will you include our value propositions?

For any launch, a clear message and value proposition are essential. We look into the whys and hows of your product, and the problems it is solving to curate a unique value proposition for it.