Top 10 Youtubers

Top 10 Youtubers

Ashish Chanchalani


Niche- Vines and Comedy

Ashish Chanchalani is a Delhi based content creator who with his amazing vine skills took up the internet by storm when YouTube was still rising. His funny take on daily life of a kid with his family and his experiences as a Delhi boy moulded his content into something very enjoyable. As a established creator, his concepts have reached new heights with his collaborations and appearances on various events like movie premiers and collabs on many upcoming movie promotions with various actors. He has been associated with brands like Fancode,  Boat, Amazon Mini TV, Airtel and many more big names in the industry.

 Carry Minati


Niche- Comedy

Carry Minati is a very rising GenZ star in the YouTube Community. He kept his struggle going to reach to the top and he has since achieved his goal. With 36.8 M subscribers, he is one of India’s top youtubers with his funny and roasting comedic timing on every trend that passes by. He has been approached by many brands like Saudi Esports, HP, Omen, Dare Dragons, NBA India, Playground Global and due to his active association and gaming streams on his channel as well.

 BB Ki Vines


Niche- Comedy and Entertainment

One of the most OG YouTuber in India, Bhuvan Bam aka BB ki Vines has been around for a long time. Starting with short vines, he has escalated his content with characters created by his own imagination, enacting different scenarios. He has recently launched his own comedic series Dhindora, which became a huge hit among the viewers and his upcoming series Taaza Khabar also seems to attract a lot of viwers. He has collaborations with various well known brands like- Hotstar, KFC, The Man Company, Boat, Airtel and many others.

 Tanmay Bhat

Subscribers- 4.2M

Niche- Comedy and Entertainment

Tanmay Bhat is no stranger to the comedy and entertainment world with his brainchild AIB, but with its cease, he has started his own YouTube Channels where he has been very actively updating his reaction videos with a fun panel consisting of his colleagues and standup comedians. Although the number os followers remain low, he has a fan following that nobody can resist. His venture into the financial sector as well as gaming genre has landed him a good popularity index with the brands. Some of his collaborations include- Swiggy, Oppo, YouTube India, Play on MO, Urban Company, Airtel India, iQOO, Netflix, Cred and many more well known brands.

 Harsh Beniwal


Niche- Comedy and Entertainment

This Delhi based creator started his journey with vines and short form content, and has now risen to many platforms including YouTube, Instagram, and entertainment industry as well.He made his movie debut with Student of The Year 2, and has taken up various projects as well. He has ventured into long form comedic content as of now, and has garnered 15M subscribers so far. His series of content have become a huge hit among his viewers, and his value association with a brand has garnered him collaboration with brands like Asus, Amazon Mini TV, Netflix, MX Player, Meesho and many more known names.

 Kabita’s Kitchen


Niche- Cooking Tips and Recipes

Every amateur cook in India probably knows about the magic of Kabita’s Kitchen. With simple and alternative recipes for every small dish, she has made life easier and tastier. Garnering around 12M followers, she is easily one of the most prominent names of cooking niche in North India. Her collaborations on various social media platforms include brands like House of Masaba, American Pistachios, Reliance smart stores, Dominos, Dhara Oils and many other FMCG Brands.

 Technical Guruji

Subscribers- 22.3M

Niche- Technology and Gadgets

The very own Tech Guy of India aka Technical Guruji or Gaurav Chaudhary, is a well known name in the tech reviews section of YouTube recommendations. He is well known for his great insight and ideations on different gadgets that are launched keeping in mind the usages and necessities of today’s generation. He has very insightful reviews on each product that comes his way provided he uses it on his own accord first to test its feasibility. His brand collaborations include famous tech brands like Apple, Samsung, Redmi, IQoo, Lenovo, Nothing, Google, One Plus and many others.

Shreya Jain


Niche- Fashion and Beauty

Shreya Jain is best known for playing around with makeup and creating magic with her reviews on YouTube. Her concepts and in-depth reviews have made her one of the most sought-out and favorite creator on the platform. Keeping the spirit alive with her bubbly concepts, she has partnered with brands like Steve Madden, Inde Wild, The Tribe Concepts, Indya, Maybelline,  Lakme India, Amag Beauty, Simple Skincare India, SS beauty and generated high ROIs for their products.

 Sejal Kumar


Niche- Fashion and Beauty

The very own thrift and boho princess of YouTube, Sejal Kumar has been in the industry for quite some time. She has created content on beauty and lifestyle, collaborating on many acting projects and mini-series gaining her another feather in the cap. Running her own podcast now on hygiene, health, beauty and lifestyle, she seems to give it all when it comes to curating her content. Recently she launched her music videos too. Her collaborations include brands like Spotify, Indya, Amazon Alexa, Miakee and many other high-end fashion and lifestyle brands.

 Amit Bhadana


Niche- Comedy

Standing alongside BB ki Vines, Carry and the other OG YouTubers is Amit Bhadana. With both his short and long form content, he has managed to take up a lot of attention in the creator space with his Haryanvi touch and takes on the daily life shenanigans. His content type includes short form skits, long form stories, vines, storyboards, interviews with celebrities and reviews.

Most of these You Tubers are approached by many inter-related fields as well for collaboration as they are promoting services not only rendering to that specific product, but also to predict what can be done with it. With their far and wide reaching fan base, they have created a window for brands to access their target base in no time.

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