Celebrities have always been the center of attention for grabbing the limelight around them. Leveraging this status for branding and associating with different things becomes a part of their identity in no time.

The Latest Buzz brings its services as a celebrity marketing agency to alleviate your brand’s name and garner attention to your services. Celebrity endorsement is a unique mix of business and fame for your brand. Getting a marketing agency that sets your path for success should be your priority as a brand. Being one of the popular celebrity brand endorsement agencies in the region, we help you in choosing the right personality as per your brand and business.

We are associated with a diversity of Performers, Models, and Actors for brand promotions on TV Shows, Web Series, Music Videos, Radio, Events, and Online Advertisements. As per the campaign briefs communicated, we design campaigns suitable for the brand’s needs and goals. Our main motto is to leverage the engagement rate that comes with the celebrity’s fame for brand alleviation.

If you are looking to highlight a single product, a range, or your entire brand, we will make sure to secure the most fitting celebrity endorsement as per your needs.

In a digitally shifting spectrum, The Latest Buzz brings its expertise as a celebrity marketing agency to devise campaigns and ideas that drive your sales and engagements in a positive direction. We attract new markets and target new demographics through our strategies, which translate to cash flow for your brand.

From start-ups to large corporations, every brand enjoys and needs the attention to amplify its products and services through celebrity endorsements. With this immediate impact, you can create a favorable mindset with a well-thought campaign, leading to an overall lift in your image.

We assess the right demographic, customize and present a tentative list of prospective celebrities according to your needs, draw up schedules and legalities based on your monetary fixtures and coordinate between the celebrity management and the brand to set up a smooth endorsement experience for you.

We cater to many online and offline platforms based on the kind of campaign you want to proceed with. For social media, we cater to Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitch, Youtube, and many more platforms. In case of high demographic targets, we have connections with great venues and production teams who can help you create the best experience for your endorsement shoots.

How is The Latest Buzz different from any other talent agency?

Unlike any other agency, we represent your interest first. Our job is to save your time and efforts when it comes to sourcing a celebrity.

Which parts of the process does The Latest Buzz handle?

We are a full-service celebrity company that handles all the details concerning a celebrity’s participation, with all the legalities, confirmation, and event management combined.

Are celebrities always paid?

For non-profit requests, the celebrity might waive the fee, but this is not confirmed.

How can you choose the right celebrity for our project?

We communicate with our clients to understand their needs, goals, priorities, budget, and ideal celebrity candidates to conduct extensive research to create the ideal proposed celebrity list.

Why should we consult and hire you when we can do the same things ourselves?

we continuously update our database to maintain the highest standard of accuracy as celebrities can be hard to get a hold of. Besides, they work with a certain standard and trusted sources, where we quite fit in as the perfect choice.

What are the prerequisites to know about a celebrity’s participation in our event?

Many things like the kind of celebrity, your budget, the cause for the event, the demographic you want to target, and the media exposure you want to attract are some of the prerequisites.

Do you know which celebrities are associated with a specific cause?

Of course! Our team works very extensively in the field to research and maintain a database of these details.

Can you give us a rough idea about the fee to get a celebrity on board?

As the level of the ask, their popularity is a driving factor, each celebrity has a certain range they operate on. To know more, please contact us to discuss further details.

Celebrities can be difficult to work with. How can you solve this problem for us?

We maintain very healthy relationships with our clients. So we make sure that you face no such problems when it comes to us.

Do we give the campaign ideas to you or is it taken care of by you as an agency?

Yes, we take care of the campaigning and marketing ideas for you when you connect with us.