The Latest Buzz engrosses your senses with the best experience in digital and influencer marketing being the Best influencer marketing agency in Delhi and one of the best across the country. Keeping up with the trend, we alleviate your brand’s potential by multifold through a well-thought collaboration with an influencer that rightly displays your brand values. As an important marketing domain, we aim to provide you access to almost every niche that you want to enter and establish yourselves in. We match your brand’s ideals, the demographics you want to target, and the service that you offer with entities that represent you truly. We go with an organic follower base and a platform that can get you the right exposure and awareness.

Being one of the best influencer marketing agencies in the region, we analyze your needs before we present the best course of action for your brand. It is not an easy task to build an image, but with The Latest Buzz by your side, think of it as a task done and forgotten!

We make you measure up to competitive brands while setting up a unique identity, activities, and plan of approach for you. The market is expanding every second, but your approach with your influencer marketing campaign mixed with our ideas can do wonders for your brand.

Team up with The Latest Buzz, one of the best influencer marketing companies, and experience the luxury of successful influencer marketing!

We’ll be taking care of everything from A-Z in the influencer marketing process and the metrics that it has generated. We’ll be identifying, analyzing, and putting the pieces together, getting the influencer who represents your brand identity on board with the campaign, getting their expert advice on it, executing the campaign, and measuring the metrics generated through it. During this whole process, we’ll be consulting and communicating with you to get your feedback. Be it paid advertising, organic drive, and reach and engagement, you’ll be leaving every aspect to us!

 We have a huge pool of influencers, vloggers/Bloggers, celebrities, and content creators in every niche as one of the best influencer marketing agencies in India, and according to your preference, we get the best one on board and target multiple marketing channels, platforms and engagement strategies to maximize your brand awareness.

The Latest Buzz as an agency specializes in Influencer Marketing and we cater to a huge dimension of platforms like Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest, Twitch, and many others. According to your niche and requirements, we run a uni-channel or multi-channel campaign.

What are the best channels for influencer marketing?

YouTube videos, Instagram posts and Stories, and Facebook videos. For content-based product placement, TikTok is experiencing record-breaking growth. 

Can you name some of the brands you have worked with in Influencer marketing campaigns?

Brands like The Moms Co, Mama Earth, Bblunt, Nykaa, Flipkart, Burger King, and Canon are some of the known brands we have worked with and derived record-breaking results.

Is influencer marketing a cost-effective option for new brands?

Cost-effectiveness is one of the major plus points of influencer marketing. It drives one of the greatest ROIs in marketing tactics so it is a viable option for you.

What is the minimum number of influencers that will suit our brand?

An influencer cannot be defined by the number of followers that he/she is having. What matters 

 is the engagement rates and the reach of their posts. However, it is a fact that the chances of the influencers getting hired for gigs are quite influenced by the number of their followers. 

Will the content be authentic if the influencers are being paid to make it?

Of course! This is one of the specializations of this field. Although it is paid content, content creation does facilitate genuine reactions and feedback for the brand.

What are the ways we can offer compensation to an influencer as a brand?

The remuneration can be both service or monetary-based, depending upon the understanding between the influencer and the brand or the things that are pre-proposed.

Will we get a marketing manager to handle our campaign?

Yes, each client will get a marketing manager to personally analyze and consider the needs of the client and become the communication channel.

How will The Latest Buzz measure our campaign’s metrics?

We measure the metrics through CPC, engagement rates, and impressions created by the campaign. We also have other methods, which can be discussed with the clients directly.

Can you name some popular brands that are using Influencer Marketing?

Some of the very famous names include Amazon, Apple, Marvel, One Plus, and every major brand in existence these days!

What kind of niches do you cater to in Influencer Marketing?

We cater to every kind of niche that you are looking for!