The Latest Buzz brings an amazing experience to the table when it comes to curating an event. Learning from the top event management companies in India, we have designed a great approach to make your time the best you ever had with us. Your vision for your event comes to life with our team of experts, who drive their creation with your communication. As one of the top management companies in Gurugram, we have certainly left a mark in our client’s hearts with our dedication.

 Regardless of your event, we make it happen whether it is a virtual, hybrid, or live event. Our concept offers you a wide range of modern tools for digitalizing your experience or doing it live!

Be it a conference, seminar, celebrity meet-up, or anything you want it to be we are the best event management company in India to handle it.

Launching a brand is a tough task in itself, and such a task is only given in the hand of Top event management companies in India- The Latest Buzz makes sure to initiate a conversation on the brand’s needs- launching an online, offline or a hybrid campaign to launch your brand is a task that we do best. We offer various promotion programs, activities, and leisure packages services in affordable packages, to retain our clients’ faith in us and build great professional ties for the future.

Organizing corporate events as an event management company provides a very acclaimed position to a company, and we’re proud to say that we have an extensive range of portfolios, giving us a very hands-on experience in Offline Event management in India, and how everything goes around it. The entire event is organized by a very committed and skillful team. The preparations include identifying the right venue wherein the event can be organized, arranging décor according to the event, a proper association for gadgets, accommodation facilities, and gourmet food delights for the event.

The Latest Buzz specializes in maintaining its stature as an influencer marketing agency, and who better than us approach a celebrity event? Being a celebrity Management Company in Delhi, our offerings include management and coordination of celebrities along with their artists, offerings presented to hosts in addition to guests, and maintaining an overall secure environment for your event.

Be it a beautiful celebration of your life’s memories or a moment of a lifetime, The Latest Buzz team will make sure to curate the best experience for you as the top event management company in India. Our team of experts in every field you can think of is at your disposal to make your every moment magical!

Currently, we cater to social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and other relevant platforms according to your needs. For hybrid events, we try to make sure that the kind of event you are hosting is aligned with a significant platform that can garner you enough marketing and exposure.

As for the corporate events, we make sure to take them up on multi-channel platforms to gain more viewership and engagement for you. For your offline events, we look into a location that fits your needs, and if the client communicates the need to involve social media as an option, we can work on integrating it as well.

Can The Latest Buzz handle various types of events and their marketing at the same time?

Yes, being a company with various parallels, we can handle everything from your marketing to your on-ground needs.

Can we arrange online registrations and tracking for our online events?

Definitely! Our team of experts can help you make links and process payments for your online events if the need arises. We can make a detailed list that will update all the invitees to the event with the latest updates as well.

How can The Latest Buzz increase our Return on Event (ROE)?

Our streamlining target-intensive processes coupled with our marketing tools will help you target the demographic and raise awareness for your event. This will reduce costs and raise engagement, getting you just what you need!

Can I make my event website and registration pages mirror my organization’s branding?

Yes. Our team of experts will help you create and customize pages for your event that are consistent with your brand’s image. This will increase the response rate while promoting the organization's effort and consistency.

Can the company handle every expense and track it for us with details?

As comprehensive service providers and top event management companies in India, we track every detail and expense for you with 100% transparency and communication throughout the process.

Is offline event marketing still effective for us as a corporate/ brand?

Going by the word-of-mouth strategy, physical marketing still plays a crucial role in promoting your brand. So, yes. Offline event marketing is still a crucial step.

Will I receive an event plan with all the details for permissions from authorities?

Definitely. You will receive an event plan and also due paperwork will be done by us to reach out to the authorities for your permissions for the event.

What kinds of virtual and hybrid events do you offer?

A virtual event can be anything you curate it for. Some of the examples for the same are- conferences, culture fairs, educational fairs, on-boardings, virtual summits, talk shows, networking fairs, and many others, according to the client’s needs.

How do you market online events?

Through our extensive network of influencers, email marketing, and leveraging various social media channels, we market your event in the best way possible.

Why should we host a hybrid event? What are its benefits of it?

Hybrid events offer a better ROI. It gives you a chance to increase engagement rates and put sustainability on the table.