These days, OTT Integration is all about raising your marketing to new heights. With a huge number of user-base shifting to OTT platforms and the paradigm shift in entertainment, we see a lot of attraction on OTT platforms. OTT has exponentially risen as the mode of entertainment and so have the marketing opportunities associated with it.

The Latest Buzz brings OTT platform integration for advertisements and technology, with OTT marketing strategies that come in handy with it. With some of the best OTT platform marketing strategies, we have cracked the algorithm for boosting your advertisement integration to the top.

According to your niche, you can attract consumers that are attracted to that type of content and perform targeted marketing within a limited budget, saving expenses as well as efforts. The unique part is that it helps deliver very personalized content, very specific and targeted as well. Technological advancements like artificial intelligence, machine learning, analytics, and cloud make this option far more efficient, cost-friendly and error-free.

With The Latest Buzz, you can get a seamless and very specific technological integration with OTT platforms. We include points like-

– Monetizing integration tools with resources to monitor the impact on the platform and the deliverables like ROI and KPI.

– Removing glitches like excess buffer, ad-hoc problems, and cross-platform issues that occur very frequently.

– Updates on subscriptions, renewals, seasonal shows, and alerts to target the audience related to the niche.

– API integration to boost streaming service and increase ad impact on the platform.

Currently, we cater to many OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+Hotstar, JioTV, Apple TV, and many other regional platforms like Alt Balaji, Viu, and many others. We integrate both advertisement and technological aspects to get the best results for you.

Is it possible to integrate client-side and server-side ads?

Definitely. We can integrate both of these types of ads. This streamlines efficiency and optimizes ad spending too.

What is the advantage of using unskippable ads?

Certain platforms integrate only specific ad formats that allow full stream mechanism only. When the ads are streamed properly, they are bound to expand brand awareness.

Can OTT be integrated to drive omnichannel campaigns?

We partner with clients seeking to leverage cross-channel campaigns. We work across social media, video, smart TV, and many other regional apps.

How do you handle ad fraud in OTT?

Using Server Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) aids us in preventing Ad- frauds. We also prevent it through ad stitching. This method is also a viable option from the brand’s end.

How can I activate my data in OTT platforms?

You can activate your data via S2S integration. This integration would work with any platform and device basically where it can easily integrate all of your IDs in one place.

Can The Latest Buzz support both ad-based and subscriber-based OTT models?

Definitely! We can support both of the platforms for data collection.

How will this advertising be delivered?

This advertising is delivered through SSAI and CSAI insertion. SSAI is a preferred method as it prevents ad-block and frauds as well.

What metrics do you use to measure an OTT campaign?
  • Metrics we use are-
  • Web traffic has increase since the campaign launch
  • Inventory moving since the start of the campaign
  • Search volume and directions towards the brand/service/product since the launch.
Can OTT work for direct response campaigns too?

Yes. You just have to align and analyze your history to get a real estimate. You can see Conversions and organic traffic to measure the metrics.

How do pricing and minimum spend differ in Addressable and TV advertising?

Addressable TV provides a bit more flexibility, where an optimization is a viable option. In the latter, there is a high spending level, and viewers have a high chance to opt out due to no interest.