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When it comes to music marketing, we promise to deliver tangible and REAL results using industry and innovative marketing techniques.

Normally launched a month or two before, an artist needs to bring awareness of their upcoming work to the masses. That is where we come in. As one of the best Movie promotion companies, we have gained a real insight into what goes into it as an overall process. This kind of marketing allows the artist to reach new viewers, concerting to more sales, engagement, and shares.

As a PR company, we take care of every little detail that comes into the process. As a company with ethical insights, we provide artists will real engagement from real users on every platform through the use of ad campaigns, DSP play-listing, and clever digital targeting. 

Campaigns are arranged as per your monetary support and stretch across social media marketing, online streaming, radio, and press.


 Our team comes from world-leading music marketing companies, businesses, and radio and TV stations so they know their stuff. Allow us to accelerate your marketing, and drive real fan engagement and growth. We prefer to work long-term with artists and labels to achieve consistency and a better-planned approach. As one of the best music promotion companies in India, we have tie-ups with many related industries that aid in the process of promoting and marketing your work. As an artist, you need to promote your work through different channels, and we connect you to the same. Using blogs, magazines, and connections with entertainment journalists get you much-needed exposure.

We help you grow through various online and offline platform promotions.

Music Promotion- Through Spotify, we target playlist pitching to interested curators, optimization, and organic growth in streaming with monthly listeners. We also help build campaigns and streams on platforms like apple music, wynk, amazon music, Soundcloud, and many more regional platforms as per the client’s request. Our campaign fees are very affordable and fixed, so you are free to increase  your ad spend as desired.

We have built a well-curated network of TikTok influencers and artists that help us create authentic, data-driven influencer campaigns for your music.


For offline promotions, we dig –up the best marketing strategies like real-time meetups with curators from the music industry which have a direct impact on your reach.

Movie Promotions- Learning from the best Movie Promotion companies, we have our links with various entertainment platforms which stream their reviews and ideas on the films. We connect you to different dimensions, including activities on the ground as well as streaming and interviews on various social media platforms according to your needs.

I do not have many followers on social media. How can music promotion help me?

It does not matter whether you have a huge following or not. We work equally hard for every client and we’d like you to grow with us. Start your journey with us!

Is this promotion organic?

Yes. The promotion is organic with real followers and engagements

How will my campaign promotion be evaluated for me?

Our team will make sure to run insights into your campaign and suggest to your leads that you have landed with our promotions. Give you numbers and keep the process updated with you through metrics.

Is this promotion budget flexible or fixed?

This depends on the client’s needs. Customizable options are always present. We also have well-drawn plans according to the artist’s level of engagement.

Can the company connect us to a relevant influencer or celebrity for driving this promotion?

Definitely! We specialize in influencer marketing and will be able to connect you with top influencers in any niche you require!

What does your film promotion strategy include?

Remarkability is the word. We try to revolve around every viral aspect of marketing like memes, lives with the actors, behind the scenes, and other activities that engage the users.

What kind of support will we receive during the movie promotional activities?

You will receive 360-degree support in every aspect like arrangements, security, venue, etc.

Do we work with independent moviemakers?

Definitely! We love to take a challenge when it comes to proving our skills!

What kind of packages do you offer? Are these customizable?

We offer packages based on the level of promotions required. These are customizable too. For further inquiries, please contact us.