Tips to stay one step ahead in your OTT strategy

Tips to stay one step ahead in your OTT strategy

For starters, if you are a newbie to the internet world or the digital world, then let us tell you that OTT stands for Over-The-Internet services i.e. over-the-top media service. There are a lot of OTT platforms like Netflix, &flix, Amazon Prime, etc.

Acing the social media game can be tougher than it appears to be. Globally, people are growing, learning and making themselves understand more about the digital world each day!

According to research conducted by the Deloitte team, more than 69% people have subscribed on at-least one video streaming platform. Now, more than ever, people are more alert and investing their money on digital platforms.

Lately, NFT’s have been introduced and people are buying NFT’s for future investments. From OTT integration to celebrity endorsements, everything is done online as the internet is constantly evolving.

In order to target your audience and stay one step in your OTT strategy, you need to find a balance between putting content for the different types of audiences. There are different kinds of audiences on different platforms like TVs, smartphones, tablets, personal computers.

Good quality content is a need of the hour. People are constantly bombarded with numerous platforms and videos, films, etc. to watch. They easily skip what doesn’t entertain them or add value to their lives.

If you are new to the content distribution space, then this blog is a must read and you will understand a lot of things that have to be kept in mind, to be at the top of the OTT game.

If you are already experienced in this area, then this blog will help you get a better idea about the to-dos to stay one step ahead in your OTT strategy by giving you an insight about OTT platforms integration.



The first step and the most important one is to conduct proper research. You should understand in detail about the viewers’ attention, and this can only be achieved by understanding the preferences of the viewers.


Detailed Research

Research is necessary but further, expanding the research is more important. For example, just knowing that your consumer is a 21-year-old is not enough. Detailed research is conducted to know what that 21-year-old likes to watch and for how long.


Compelling Content Strategy

As we know, there’s no perfect way of creating content or putting out something and being 100% confident that the audience will like it. It is always a hit or a miss. You need to ensure whatever content you put out is unique and different from what others are doing.


Each Screen Has a Special Role

TV’s can be watched with a group or individually, but smartphones and tablets, people like to have individual viewing experience. So, you need to design your strategy according to your target group. Phones are smaller than TV’s so the viewing experience also tends to be quite different.


Know the Audience’s Location

This might seem a bit weird to you, but it isn’t because knowing the target audience’s location will help you in understanding and gauging the trends and what people are highly watching over there. We don’t mean to stalk the location precisely, but just to know where the audience resides and what type of content is watched by them.


Create a Content Catalog

Track what your audience likes and dislikes because that way you can accordingly create a content catalog and plan ahead of time. Make strategies for marketing the content. There are people who like only serious types of series and then there are people who enjoy tragic-comedy. So, you need to keep in mind that there are different audiences.


Viewer’s behavior

In today’s world, we can track the viewer’s behavior. Well, thanks to technology! Tracking the viewer’s behavior will help to know at what time the viewer is watching the content and what type of content.



The budget is the most important thing. You need to plan how and where to invest your money to get a profit or good amount of return on investment.


Freemium Service

This is one of the smart business strategies. The platforms are first given for free for the first 2 or 3-months, and then slowly the brands transition and ask the viewers to buy a subscription.


Provide Offers

You should also make sure that you put up deals that are beneficial for the customers. These can be special discounts or festive offers. Depending on the budget and what deals will work well.


Notify the Audience

Keep sending out messages to your viewers. Don’t spam them but update them if there’s a new series or a show coming up on the platform. This creates curiosity and people might have a FOMO if they miss out on the new shows.



It is vital to engage with the user. This is to improve the user’s experience. You need to add a feedback form or a message pop-up, where they can easily manage to address if there are any issues or they face problems regarding the platform.


We have given you a cheat-sheet here. If you feel like this might help some of your friends as well, then do share the link with them. Overall, 72% of people prefer video to text for receiving branded marketing information.

Now that you have managed to get a detailed idea and know the steps that have to be followed to be one step ahead on the OTT platform, we expect you to really be one step ahead by following these points.

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As we see a growth on the OTT platforms, we will also notice more and more people joining social media. At times, social media can be misleading. We hope this blog helps you to be at the top of your OTT game!



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