Ten Types of Influencers that you can use to boost your brand!

Ten Types of Influencers that you can use to boost your brand!

Picking the correct influencer to boost your brand can be tricky. Although, it seems easy but it is not a cake walk. Influencers are divided into various groups.

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Every day influencers are noticing a massive growth in their industry. Earlier, the influencer market or the digital market wasn’t recognized enough, but now it has been rapidly growing.

Especially after the pandemic, many people started creating more and more content. This made some influencers meet their goals easily. While some are still trying to make it happen!

From having different types of target groups to creating content that is audience specific, influencers have to manage numerous things all at once. Hence, they pick influencer marketing agencies to handle all the work that happens behind.

Further, influencers are divided in separate categories. You can connect with these influencers according to your needs.

For example, if you are running a fitness brand and wish to promote it, then you can opt for a macro influencer who is into fitness. This will help you reach the right type of audience.


Micro Influencers

Micro influencers are influencers with a medium number of followers not as much as a celebrity, but more than a normal person’s followers. The audience of micro-influencers follow them because they are easily able to relate to their content. For example, Malvika Sitlani is one such micro influencer.


Macro Influencers

The kind of influencers that create new content regularly fall under this category. Macro-influencers create quality content and informative content in abundance. For example, Faye D’souza falls under this category. She shares the latest news and the information is backed up with a good amount of research.


Mid-tier Influencers

Influencers that have around 50k – 500k followers belong to this category. These influencers offer brands a wide reach and generate leads. They tend to have higher engagement when compared to macro influencers.



Influencers that have 1k – 10k followers belong to this category. Nano-influencers help brands in promotions, make engaging reels, create informative content. Basically, this category consists of budding influencers. For example, this could be some influencer who has just started out their journey recently.


Lifestyle Influencers

If you’re someone who loves improving their standard of living, then lifestyle influencers should be your go-to type of influencers. These influencers teach you to improve your life in different ways. From being more organized to meditating, they have got you covered for it all! Ranveer Allahbadia is a lifestyle influencer who creates meditation related content and podcasts.


Fitness Influencers

How many times we’ve heard our mind tell us, “stay fit” but do we even follow it? Well, on some days we actually might be following it. However, after a point it becomes difficult to stay consistent and follow a routine. Here’s when fitness influencers do their magic! With their experience backed up with extensive knowledge and research, they give you the tips and tricks to become a healthy version of yourself!


Travel Influencers

“I hate travelling,” said no one ever! From giving you the best travel destination guide to help you understand more about the dos and don’t’s while travelling, these influencers will suggest you all of it. For example – Larissa D’sa is one such travel influencer who has earned a lot of fame for the way she suggests places to travel and things to do.


Beauty Influencers

If you love make-up and skin care, then the beauty influencers are the ultimate experts to guide you! There are so many products in the market that it can get confusing about what to buy and what to not buy. The beauty influencers are going to help you with all your queries that are make-up and skin care related.


Body-positivity Influencers

There are so many people who tend to criticize their body and feel ashamed of it. And there are other people, who tend to make fun of them. However, the body-positivity influencers are here to tell people that it’s okay to be a certain size or different. It’s only normal to look different and you don’t need to be a certain shape to be loved.


Comic Influencers

As they say, a good laugh can make you day better! Comic influencers are famous for putting up fun reels and videos. They keep the audience engaged and crack relatable jokes that makes the audience go gaga over their content! Tanmay Bhatt is one such famous comic influencer. He picks topics that are relatable and the audience can easily understand.


Finally, you’ve managed to understand types of influencers. The types of influencers are also evolving in number as people are adapting to the social media culture.

You can now accordingly decide which type of influencer do you need to promote your brand. If you are a make-up brand, then you should opt for a beauty influencer. If you are a plus size clothing brand, then you should opt for a body-positivity influencer. It depends on what your brand goal and vision is, so that you can accordingly figure out. We’ve got you covered and can guide you through social media promotions for your brand.

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