Ten Advantages of Social Media Marketing for Your Business

Ten Advantages of Social Media Marketing for Your Business

Social media has a huge impact on our lives. From watching reels to checking out news, our days start and end with social media. At times, we also happen to mindlessly scroll through without knowing what we want to see or end up stalking an influencer out of nowhere.

The crazy part is, Social Media tracks what we speak. Yes, it does! For example, if you tell your friend that you’re looking for make-up and your phone is around, then you will start seeing sponsored make-up ads suddenly. This is done by the AI that tracks our speech, clicks, scrolls and the screen-time.

Social media has made marketing a lot easier in many ways. Earlier, the only way to talk about a brand was through word of mouth. Social media can be tricky because people can misunderstand the brand’s message. Creating funny content is one thing, but offending a community or a person by trying to look funny isn’t cool or acceptable.

It is very important for the brands to be careful with the kind of message they choose to say and how. The do’s and don’ts have to be studied properly before handling social media and using it for promotion.

However, the social media era has changed it all. During the Covid times when people needed help or a certain medicine, Social Media became the saviour for countless numbers of people.


We have mentioned ten advantages of social media for digital marketing in business in this blog.


1) Reels for Engagement

As entertaining as they are, the reels also leave a great recall value in our minds. So, if a certain brand has put up a reel for promotion on a song that has been viral lately, then a lot of people tend to notice it. For example, the song “My Money don’t Jiggle Jiggle” went viral and so, many brands used that song to promote their products by adding creative captions.


2) Captions for Insights

Even if we don’t confess, we do end up reading the captions quite often. It is to understand the brand’s or influencer’s perspective and what they are trying to say. At times, brands use the “Caption this post” idea to increase the engagement on the posts. Brands that are coming up with quirky captions and funny ones are clearly winning the caption game!


3) Videos for Back-story

Although reels have become popular lately, videos will never be forgotten. Till date, videos are made to put up long form content. Brands tend to show “behind the scenes” or give a back-story by putting up videos, which tends to make the audience happy and gives them insights.


4) Giveaways for Brand Visibility

We are half-way through 2022 and as fast as time flies, we end up evolving as humans. Our likes and preferences change and so does our favourite brand! Brands aim to get higher engagement by doing giveaways. If someone is giving us something good for free of cost, we love it and the brand gets recognition. I mean, who doesn’t love free stuff, right?


5) Comments for Feedback

Comments are a game-changer for brands and influencers. They don’t just determine if the audience loves the brand or not, but also makes the brands understand whether the product or service by them was good enough or not. Accordingly, they can work on making it better by taking the criticism sportingly.


6) DM’s for better communication with customers

For those of you who still don’t know, the full-form of DM stands for direct message. Earlier, finding a brand or DMing them was quite alien to us, but now it’s like we almost can’t do without it. From placing orders to giving feedback, DM’s have made customer’s life quite easy and superior.


7) Ask me Anything Feature

If the brand’s engagement falls or seems to not grow as much as expected, then they can use the AMA – ask me anything. This brings an increase in engagement. The brand can also clear people’s doubts and queries, if they have them.


8) Grid Photos for Aesthetic of the Brand

Visual content is in high demand these days. Well, gone are the days when brands could get away with random photos, these days they need to have that high definition great quality posts that are meaningful. Instagram’s layout of three-grid posts has been quite impactful and works well when planned and executed properly, so don’t neglect it.


9) Sponsored Posts for Better Recall

Last but not the least, sponsored posts help in pushing the brand further. Brands pay a certain amount of money depending on the number of days that they want to run the ads.  The AI then asks for the age group of the target audience and shows them the posts/ads.


10) Share Feature for Relatability

If there’s a particular meme or a photo that people like, then they share it with their friends or family members. This feature gives the brand more visibility which is why it is essential for the brands to keep creating posts that are relatable and have some unique content. People love to share and talk about the posts or comment on them.

Managing social media can get overwhelming but don’t worry, because we have  got you covered and will guide you through social media promotions for your brand.

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We offer a wide range of services like influencer marketing, social media marketing, OTT integration, celebrity endorsements. We believe in using the  power of social media marketing through our influencer marketing skills and making it quite beneficial for the brands we work with.

We have a team of professionals who know their work and are trained in handling social media. Our vision is to win the client’s trust and build a long- term work relation with them. We hope that this blog has helped you in learning the advantages of social media.

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