Social Media: The benefits, drawbacks and ways to select the right celebrity for your brand

Social Media: The benefits, drawbacks and ways to select the right celebrity for your brand

Social media has grown very selective in its content strategies and the user base select what content they consume. Apart from social media influencers, celebrities have always been the highlight of the endorsement industry. Influencer marketing firms not only target influencers in the general sense but try to make good use of celebrity status to enhance their stature on social media platforms.

It’s high time we understand the workings of celebrity endorsements and how they’ve been adjusting to the world of social media. There are plenty of pros and cons to everything, but today we’ll discuss celebrity endorsements and how you can choose just the perfect celebrity to represent your brand image and values.


The Benefits: Celebrity Status has its perks!

From getting amazing brand awareness to drawing eyes in an instant, celebrities are eye candies and are the right mix for attaining a trending marketing campaign in a short time of exposure. Not only do they attract potential customers, but heavily influence their cult fan followers to indulge in any service or product they are promoting.

As celebrities take a very general stand in the public eye, they can reach large audiences in no time, generating a high influx of promoters in no time. Celebrity endorsements not only create a trending marketing campaign but also present the brand in a favorable light through their constant efforts on social media platforms. With evolving strategies, celebrities are also taking the initiative to step up their game to create informing and engaging content for their followers.

A very good example of this is the HRX campaign by Hritik Roshan. With the right mix of celebrity status and informational campaigns, HRX has managed to bring a positive curve in celebrity endorsements through its constant insights into the workings of trending marketing campaigns.


The Drawbacks: How the Oops moment happens.

It’s not a rare incident that a celebrity does something controversial, which downgrades their image a lot. Their actions in personal life and their indecency in professional ones become a hindrance to the brand’s image.

Talking about brand celebrity collaborations, brands try their best to associate with entities that have a great stance in whatever they are doing or believe in. But mistakes happen.

There is a fair chance that the celebrity might overtake the brand’s agenda and present themselves more, making consumers forget about what the endorsement is actually about. Coming to their indecency, the recent example of Jhonny Depp being in a domestic violence case happened to land him in big trouble with the brands, inevitably leading them to drop him as their brand ambassador. Although the allegations turned out to be false, they did cast a negative light on the brand.

At the end of the day, celebrities are EXPENSIVE. To launch a full-fledged campaign with engagement, it costs a lot for brands to associate with them given the risks they are taking with the investment if the results are not what they expect them to be.

There are a lot of knick-knacks to this situation, so let’s see how we avoid these and choose the best celebrity to create a trending marketing strategy in no time.



The Solution: How to choose the best celebrity for your brand?

It is not an easy task to choose the right celebrity where many risks are involved. But it surely is a rewarding experience when the right concoction comes to play. Let’s take a look at some brief points to decide how you can get the best celebrity to create a trending marketing campaign!

  • The Celebrity should very much- be actively involved in some related activities that present the values of the brand. The genuine concern for the cause or product should show with the celebrity’s image.
  • The celebrity should show some major connection and association with the people of the niche that the brand belongs to. It is quite a skill to spot celebrities with a keen interest in certain things. If these align with your brand, voila! You’ve got your perfect match.
  • Set the boundaries of exposure and set a clear record with a proper legal binding. If the celebrity feels comfortable and shows a healthy stance towards it, there is a great chance that the brand celebrity collaboration will be a great success. Adjustment and understanding are key.
  • Keeping a good track record of the celebrity’s activities. if there have been some mishaps with the brands previously, it’s a no-go on all accords. The engagement factor plays a major role in this process.



Celebrities have always been known for their endorsements apart from their usual fame. Now, the scenario is shifting from TV endorsements to social media campaigns very swiftly and the celebs are here to catch up with it. Discussing the pros and cons with the best ways to solve this dilemma, searching and analyzing every aspect of a celebrity’s life following the values and agendas of a brand is a must. Social media campaigns are evolving, and celebrities are ready to roll with it!

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