Six Influencer Marketing Campaign Types

Six Influencer Marketing Campaign Types

Social media fever has been turned on! From marketing to selling products, brands have turned to influencers for everything. However, picking the right influencer marketing agency for your brand can be a hit or a miss.

Select the influencer marketing agency that you can truly trust completely and has core values that you can connect with. Planning ideas isn’t quite tough, but executing them perfectly is when the influencer marketing agency plays a crucial role.

It is vital to plan campaigns in a way, that will not only push the brand awareness but also add value to the life of the audience.

People like content that is relatable and entertaining. After a tiring day, when they scroll through social media, people want to see something that distracts them or is a no-brainer.

The campaigns that are curated by the digital marketers are to entertain, keep it engaging and increase brand awareness, all at once. It can seem like a tough task but a great influencer marketing agency knows exactly how to ace it excellently!

The question that must have come across your mind would be, how do agencies select the campaign types for influencers, right? Well, it depends on the end goal of a brand.

Let us dive right in, and take a look at the types of the influencer marketing campaigns

1. Giveaways

Influencers are asked to conduct giveaways by the influencer marketing agency. This is often done to increase engagement by getting an increase in likes, comments and followers of the influencer. As influencers ask the followers or those participating in the giveaway to tag their official account and the brand’s official account. Many collaborations also take place through this. One such example is Wearified x Aanam Chashmawala.

While wearified is founded by Aanam herself. She managed to put up collaboration posts and that increased the awareness of the brand.


2. Sponsored Posts

Influencers should opt for sponsored posts campaigns because this can create more visibility and brand awareness. Instagram and Facebook, have made it easier to select sponsored posts as these posts directly target the audience you want to focus on, by tracking your audience with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

While scrolling through social media we must’ve often seen ads that have “sponsored” mentioned on the top, left side, these posts are targeted towards you, because you either scrolled through similar brands or said something related to it. For example, if you keep saying shoes, then your phone hears it, tracks it and shows you sponsored ads by the latest shoe brands out there. Sponsored posts are a good way for brands to plug in and promote their brands as it further generates leads.


3. Social Media Takeovers

Social media takeovers mean taking over someone else’s social media account temporarily. This is a great way to take over the pages of brands for 24 hours. For example – Alia Bhatt took over Dharma’s Instagram handle to talk about her acting experience and promote the upcoming Dharma films. This will create great curiosity in the audience’s mind and the followers will go and check their Instagram handle of Dharma as well.

There’s a high rate of increase of social media takeovers as this one’s a great strategy if the brand call pull it off correctly!


4. Unboxing Reviews

Influencer marketing agencies tell the brands to first send the products to the influencers and bloggers. This happens for two reasons. Firstly, this way bloggers can try and give their feedback. Secondly, they can promote it on social media and share their reviews with the audience. They can make it interesting by posting the entire unboxing video from the start. This also tends to create an excitement factor among the followers. For example, if MamaEarth has launched a new product and a different type of Aloe Vera gel or any such product, then they will send PR packages to ask an influencer or a blogger to unbox the package. Bloggers are also asked to tag brands so that people can simply go and check out their pages.


5. Guest Blog

This term might sound new to you, but it can be explained more easily as “guest blog” is basically getting your blog posted on someone else’s website. For example, for movie promotion, a new blog might be written by Pinkvilla. This is done to create a stir in the audience’s head. There are various benefits of a guest blog. From instant exposure to the targeted traffic to generating leads, a guest blog can turn out to be quite helpful for the brand. If there’s something wrong put on someone else’s website then the PR team tries to do damage control. However, there are very rare cases of brands facing such issues.


 6. Brand Ambassador Programs

This campaign has been executed by a lot of brands and although it requires a huge budget for brands to hire bloggers and influencers that can promote their brands, the return on investment is quite high. For example – Cult has assigned Hrithik Roshan as their brand ambassador. As Hrithik is quite fit and influences his fans to take a step towards fitness, a lot of people also join Cult because they look up to Hrithik as their inspiration. Influencer marketing agencies tend to select a brand ambassador that will be suitable for the brand and lead to an increase in brand awareness.


These are some of the few major campaigns that are run by every brand. However, achieving success through these campaigns requires expertise in the field.

Hence, you must choose an influencer marketing agency that puts in the effort to do great research work, know the target audience and understand what will work exactly in the favour of the brand or blogger.

We believe in creating campaigns with our experience and team of experts to provide the best to our clients. Every brand or influencer picks up the pace and sees growth at their stage. All it requires is finding the right balance between hard work and smart work.

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