OTT Platform Marketing How Can OTT Brands Keep Winning

OTT Platform Marketing How Can OTT Brands Keep Winning

Justifying the “Content is King” tagline, OTT platforms have taken the entertainment world by storm. Several OTT platforms have integrated multiple genres and languages to diversify their user base and that is one of the main reasons why OTT platforms saw their rise to fame in the pandemic.

OTT platforms market themselves a lot better than mainstream media, earning a huge revenue and loyal user base in no time. Let’s look at some OTT marketing strategies and how OTT platforms are acing the marketing game!


Finding the Target Audience

Selecting the target for the content type you introduce is very essential in gaining the initial boom & engagement.

Taking the prime example of Netflix super-hit Stranger Things, the OTT platform soon realized that this content piece is loved by Gen Z.

To draw their attention and peak the excitement factor, Netflix made real-life “Upside-Down settings” in different locations all over the world!

Now, this did not only intrigue the other age groups, but it made a significant impact on the marketing spectrum. Now, this is what we call a successful & unique OTT strategy!


Meme Marketing: The new Alpha

Be it Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+ Hotstar- each one of us might have seen a swarm of memes on their pages, hooking us to their existing and upcoming content.

Meme marketing, just like OTT platforms saw an exponential rise, and mixing these two has done wonders for social media marketing. Content and fun do go hand in hand!

OTT platforms have integrated this marketing strategy well which other media outlets lack. This gives them an edge and an added advantage to market their content in the best way possible.


Recommendations and Personalized ads

The only and the most crucial thing other media outlets lack is personalized recommendations. OTT platforms have managed to fill this gap and earn the favor of many users.

Surveying and analyzing the user’s choice and presenting content that represents the same gives users the attention they need and keep them hooked to the platform.


Push Notifications and messaging campaigns

When your phone pings with a sweet sound when it’s time to relax, you are bound to take a peek.

This is where the sneak attack aka Push Notifications comes in. Based on your history, the app pushes relatable content on the OTT platform and even introduces you to new content that you might be interested in. This accounts for low costs, instant engagements, and more interaction.

It’s a friend giving you suggestions on what you might like!

Many users engage in this activity and this might be an underrated OTT marketing strategy, but it sure is an effective one!

77 million people in the Asia-Pacific region itself spend more than 2 hours on an OTT platform!


Seamless On-boarding

None of us have the time to engage in complicated things. The same goes for an OTT platform. If the app provides a smooth on-boarding process, it highlights the brand’s experiences and raises its engagement with the users.

The User Interface should also be very simplified to aid navigation for first-time users to find their desired content. These days, it’s all about the user experience!


Content Discovery with Stories

When there’s too much content available, it becomes a little tedious for us to select what to watch. For an average Gen Z, it takes about 7 minutes of selection and weeding to reach what they want to watch.

To ease this, a simple yet very effective marketing strategy opted for by OTT platforms is stories. Much like Instagram stories, this feature gives a brief preview of the content available and the ones about to launch to arouse the interest of the users. Rather than searching for the content, it is brought to us with exciting excerpts and discovery features.



The OTT platforms choose marketing strategies that are easy to implement, but high on impact. These strategies are high on concept, which makes them much more attractive for a niche that has to reach its user base without interacting.

OTT platform marketing has many ways to explore as it has just begun it’s ascend and many areas to improve on. But looking at its advent and the impact it has on its users with such tactics, OTT platforms can keep winning with consistent efforts and unique methods to reach their users.

After all, they managed to capture us in the pandemic, didn’t they!

If you know of any other tactics that’s OTT platforms can implement from the user perspective, let us know in the comments section below!


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