How you can build a powerful influencer marketing strategy in 2022

How you can build a powerful influencer marketing strategy in 2022

Marketing has taken a lot of forms, extending to numerous niches and catering exclusively to a variety of industries. Leveraging the world of social media platforms, influencer marketing has also risen to an all-time high in the past few years.

Many top influencer marketing agencies devise contingency plans to execute powerful social media campaigns that drive a lot of growth through an influencer’s user base. It’s not an easy task to rank a campaign and take the internet by storm. Let’s explore how you can build a powerful influencer marketing strategy in 2022.


Finding a niche influencer- the essential & crucial step

Just selecting an influencer with a lot of followers won’t do the task these days. Connecting with an influencer catering to the targeted niche might just get you that best influencer marketing campaign you’re looking for.

With an exponential rise in influencer marketing, many micro-influencers are holding the reigns to successful social media marketing campaigns these days. It just takes a keen look and excellent content to achieve just what you want from your campaign.


Establishing performance goals

It’s always a smart step to plan the road to sense the vision of the influencer you’re collaborating with.

Influencer marketing for brands takes a huge amount of effort from many ends to generate a perfect campaign. Social media marketing agencies curate a concept board, brand awareness campaigns, and lead generation strategies with influencers that give a sense of what they are dealing with and how they should be approaching a campaign.

Analyzing goals is a part of the process- just like any approach in life!


“About 80% of marketers draw a high ROI from Influencer Marketing strategies and about 75% of brands allocate a special section of their marketing expenditure for influencer marketing!”

  • Shopify Survey


Diversity and Representation

With an exploring and open mindset, many campaigns have brought about a revolution in the digital and social media marketing space.

Diversity and representation are rising yet sensitive issues in the social space. Some of the best influencer campaigns have leveraged this to their advantage and drawn a lot of positive comments; with a tremendous increase in their user base.

Brands like Dove, Kay beauty, KKW Beauty, and many other high-end brands in various niches have taken this issue positively and translated it into a powerful influencer marketing strategy for their respective brands.


Producing authentic and outreaching campaigns

Authenticity, uniqueness, and outreach are the three pillars of a powerful influencer marketing strategy. In 2022, it is a given- stand out to gain the benefits. Selling USPs through a unique perspective i.e. an influencer’s interpretation of your brand helps you raise a trending marketing campaign.

Creating engaging, informative, and entertaining outreach is what makes a trending marketing campaign. Many of the top influencer marketing agencies these days leverage the BTS of the campaign to raise its authenticity and value.

Share some of your fun BTS campaigns in the comment section below!


Finding the right platform for your niche

Every niche has a preferred social media marketing platform, where it has created a hold.

Although Instagram as a social media platform caters to many niches these days, formal businesses, gaming, and AI are some of the niches that have created separate bases for them- a prime example being LinkedIn, e-sports, and many others.

So, if you are trying to rank and create a trending influencer marketing campaign on a platform that does not quite represent it…then you can guess how that campaign will perform despite its uniqueness and value.


Presenting campaign findings as part of brand authenticity

When an influencer associates with a brand, they tend to give out a very unbiased and real perspective of that brand, as a representative of their user base.

When a campaign concludes, there is always something new to learn. Generating value, leads and CTA is a whole different ball game, but being real and representing your views is something that makes you gain trust as an influencer.

Many of the top influencer marketing campaigns have started including their findings, may it be a conversation starter- to raise a brand’s value and the core with which they work.



At the heart of it, what it takes to build a powerful influencer marketing campaign is- just sheer willingness to get something new to the space. As we say, there is no real formula to success, but a few basics might just help you get there.

Maintaining brand identity while leveraging influencer marketing in any niche mixed with some measured goals and ideas is the way to set on the road to producing one of the best influencer campaigns as a creator!


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