How to Use a Celebrity for Your Campaigns and Events

How to Use a Celebrity for Your Campaigns and Events

Opening your TV to enjoy a relaxing time? Or listening to Spotify to groove out your day? Each of these things has one thing that consciously appears and influences our decisions daily- Celebrity campaigns and endorsements.

Each of us have somewhat related and followed all the brands and activities our favorite celebrities do. Today, we’ll get a fair idea of how brand celebrity collaborations have introduced a marketing strategy that goes beyond platforms and influences users.


Celebrity Endorsements: A simple definition

According to some of the best celebrity brand endorsement agencies in India, celebrity endorsements or celebrity branding can be defined as leveraging the fame and following of a celebrity to promote a brand, product, service, or idea to a wide assortment of audiences.

In other cases, this agenda can be used to raise awareness for a social cause or create buzz for an event.

By celebrity, one does not necessarily mean a movie star. Social media influencers, music stars, sportspersons, and fictitious characters can also count as celebrities as per the industry and people being catered to.

So let’s dive into the why’s and how’s of brand celebrity collaborations and how this whole process projects a brand to the masses!


Why use Celebrities?

Keeping it simple as we promised earlier, brand celebrity collaborations help brands shoot their sales up in a short while and maintain brand awareness in the long run.

Even for rebranding, celebrities act as conduits in representing the brand’s ideologies and maintaining their values in the long run. Many brands present their stories to the consumers with the help of celebrities that have themselves spoken out on those or support the values the brands represent.

Let’s go over a brief explanation of how brands get Celebrities to represent their agendas and draw long-term benefits from it.


How to get a Celebrity on your panel?

The process involves the following points-

  • Shortlist celebrities based on your agendas and values. Not every celebrity is a perfect match, right?
  • Compare their offerings and requirements as per the contract, and if they fit your legal boundaries.
  • Get a sense of their cooperative gestures and how well will they fit with your team during the campaign/event
  • Willingness to continue and associate with the brand in the long run.

A celebrity does not wander alone. Managed by an entourage, getting in contact with a celebrity it-self is a big deal. Usually managed by endorsement agencies, they have a medium of contact through their e-mails and their managers. Working on this stage, you should be able to present your product, brand, or agenda in the clearest way possible to draw attention and get a meeting fixed. Once it is done, it is all on you as a spokesperson to convince and drive your campaign/ event.

Leveraging the celebrity for your endorsements!

There are many ways in which you can leverage efforts in the brand celebrity collaboration- by getting a keynote delivered, a performance, an audience interaction, or simulating a virtual talk with the celebrity.

Not every method in this process needs to be unique. It has to be authentic and connected to the values of the brand. If this feeling and connection with the brand are missing in some way, the audiences can sense it.

The main agenda of launching a celebrity campaign is to drive the masses to indulge in the brand’s idea and make sense of a brand celebrity collaboration. Even if this involves a simple 10-second ad or a one-hour-long talk, audiences should connect with the message being given.

The face of a celeb gives the brand a short exposure but a long association and hold in that particular market.

Taking the example of Lux, a beauty soap, its main agenda is to enhance the beauty of anyone who uses it. Taking Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif, Anushka Sharma, Madhuri Dixit and many other celebrities in its campaign has done wonders for the brand and every person who tunes in for TV knows of it.

Now, taking an example of unconventional but progressive brand celebrity collaboration, Colgate associated with a famous blogger Dolly Singh, who is a great advocate of Body Positivity and expresses it through her hilarious and informative videos. To raise the bar high, the Coalgate team collaborated with Dolly Singh to create the #smileoutloud campaign and advertisement, which perfectly communicated the brand’s message and drew numerous positive views from the users!

In the same way, brands can easily create more fresh, unconventional, and valuable campaigns and leverage the celebrity’s fanbases for promoting brand awareness and value.


How to get the most out of these Collaborations?

Brand celebrity collaborations are not just a one-time association. Once they work out perfectly, it becomes a mutual understanding that this is going to last for a good while and a healthy exchange of ideas.

Let’s take a look at how you can extend and maintain a good brand celebrity collaboration

  • Building an all-round long term campaigning agenda
  • strengthen your legalities with the team
  • foster a healthy working environment
  • keep tabs on your growth curve with the celebrities’ efforts toward your brand



Taking every metric into account, celebrity brand endorsement agencies in India have put in a lot of effort and creativity to make an environment that caters to every niche nowadays. Leveraging celebrities for your campaigns is not the big deal, it’s the process of careful selection and ideologies you put behind it that makes the difference.


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