How to create a Social Media Marketing strategy?

How to create a Social Media Marketing strategy?

Creating a strategy can seem like a tough task, right? Well, we have all been through it. The social media trends are constantly changing every single day. On the internet, brands and influencers have developed the habit of uploading content consistently.

This is done to stay relevant and to be able to get a higher reach.

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As we see a growth on the social media platforms, we will also notice more and more people joining social media. At times, social media can be misleading. This happens when brands or people put up some wrong information and their followers tend to fall for it.

We have mentioned below 10 ways to create a social media strategy and stay relevant in the digital marketing industry! If you are a brand or an influencer who is looking to level up their social media game, then this blog is definitely a must-read for you. You can also share this blog link with your friend who is an entrepreneur or a budding influencer. It will help them to understand the digital world better.


Here are ten steps that you need to follow while creating a social media strategy


Build a social media calendar

Plan ahead of time! Yes, you heard it right. It is vital to have it all planned. From that picture to the reel that you want to upload, make sure that you have decided how to post and when to upload the post. Mark the days correctly and start with posts every alternate day. Building a social media calendar is easier than you think. Try to add the date, photo/reel next to it and then plan the captions according to the post. However, make sure that there is some connection to the posts so that people can understand your brand better.


Festive Days

Don’t just keep posting about yourself. Mark the festive days and use the festive marketing approach! Be it Diwali or Mother’s Day, have a unique approach towards posting on these days for a better brand recall. which is a gym brand had posted a post on Mother’s Day related to promoting good health. These are some tricks to push the brand on festive days as well.



This is a key point towards building your brand! Did you see how Sonakshi Sinha launched her own brand and did a live with her brand page on Instagram? Yes, that’s called a collaboration. Collaborations play a major role and help in getting a better engagement from the audience. This is done by brands to reach out to the target group. It is more important to concentrate on who you collaborate with, because picking random influencers won’t make sense.


Make a to-do list

At times, you might forget that you need to upload a post at least thrice in a week. So, you should set reminders or save the post in the Instagram ‘drafts’ section. Next time, you can easily click on the drafts and simply click on the ‘next’ option to post it on your feed. Also, decide which post has to be posted on what day and why you choose that day. Brands use the #ThrowbackThursday or #Mondayblues cause the audience can easily relate to it.


One post at a time

Don’t try to go overboard with the posts. Know that the audience will get irritated to see your brand or your product time and again. Instead of posting three posts a day, try to post lesser but more valuable posts. Like, if a brand or an influencer tries to bombard their posts, then people can even unfollow because of getting bored by seeing the same thing time and again.


Reels & Likes

Reels have become the new game changer for brands and influencers. This modern trend is taking over and the hashtag #reelitfeelit has many followers on Instagram and it has been increasing constantly. Reels get more likes because they are short, crisp and fun to watch. So, when people have a downtime, they tend to just scroll through the reels.


Damage Control

People tend to create fake accounts on Instagram to comment and pull the brands down and demean them. However, these accounts are not even verified or have a proper DP or followers. To control this damage done, brands and influencers have a social media team that deletes the comments that make no sense to control the damage.


Build Skills

As we keep posting, we should also keep ourselves updated and learn new skills to stay at the top of the digital game or social media game. Learn new skills constantly and try to explore in order to know what works for your brand. Flexibility in posts will help in gauging what is being the most liked by your audience.


Interact with marketing experts

Try to expand your network and talk to people who are in this industry because they will give you some insider tips and tricks like no one else. It will be extremely beneficial for your growth in the digital space!


Build an aesthetic portfolio

No one likes to watch boring posts. People just scroll through the posts that they find blah or boring! So, get your creative juices flowing and try to create a feed that is amazing indeed. You can add borders to your posts or a background that is quirky; this will help you to stand out from other social media pages.


We hope that these tips and tricks help you in building your social media page. Lastly, don’t forget to connect with us if you need any help with social media. We have got you covered for all things digital.

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