5 Best Examples of Successful Instagram Marketing Campaigns

5 Best Examples of Successful Instagram Marketing Campaigns

Marketing campaigns on Instagram have taken a lot of forms these days. From reels to creatives to live feed chats and hashtags, it’s been a long and creative journey for influencers and celebrities alike to discover the fun of Instagram marketing campaigns.

Many campaigns run a full cycle and generate an above-average result, but there are only some who write their names in golden letters. With that in mind, let’s explore some successful Instagram marketing campaigns and what takeaways they offer!



Beauty brands on Instagram have a huge follower base and are quite influenced by all kinds of trends that emerge with them. Glossier has taken the advantage of its employees as influencers and many small scale & big influencers to promote its products and create a trending marketing campaign.

When their sunscreen launched, they targeted their user base by using many small-scale influencers who had fewer followers but a high engagement rate along with big influencers. This step led to high promotion with large-scale influencers and engagement to draw potential users with the small ones.

The campaign ran with a series of events and has been seen to be defined by the brand’s standalone victory in achieving a record sale target for its products!


Fashion Nova

No girl in this world is a stranger to Fashion Nova, and the most creative of them all – Kylie Jenner when praised and promoted by Fashion Nova to create a series of the all-fitting jean collection- the competitors were done for!

Working with a massive number of 3-5k influencers, Fashion Nova has aced the game and is working with serious headstrong creative-minded influencers to create trending marketing campaigns for them. It teamed up with various influencers representing different body types and allowed them to promote on their own accord with personalized discount coupons.

Well, we all know the result of it- the campaign generated a massive inflow of customers and started a body positivity talk, which got Fashion Nova extra credits and expanded the user base! Now that’s what we call a win-win!



During the massive political issue of ethnic crimes, Airbnb took a major risk and created a series of trending marketing campaigns that showed close-up shots of various people with the #weaccept hashtag.

Looking at Airbnb’s history, it is a global brand with an image of travel-blessed feeds and ideas. But this campaign right here shone quite different and brightly on their feed and was very well received by the followers, generating millions of likes and thousands of comments on each.

It is very hard to support a political stance and receive a reward for it when it is a serious issue like this. But Airbnb not just used it to their advantage, but also bought a positive development on the issue.



The Adidas Originals series is a topic in every conversation, and every person who loves athleisure has had a great experience with Adidas. Collaborating with artists like Snoop Dogg, Desiigner, and Stromzy to promote this line, #Originalis was heavily used to create one of the most historic campaigns in Instagram’s marketing campaign history.

Trending marketing campaigns are not made, they are designed, just like the Adidas Original series. The campaign drew not only common users but also celebs to its unique hip-hop freestyle looks, becoming a huge hit in no time. 2017 was a transforming year for Adidas.

We all look forward to their amazing and dapper collections now, don’t we?



Engaging diverging consumer segments, GoPro is an all-fan-promoted brand. Their feed on Instagram is full of content from users and that is what makes it such a success. Consumer-led content is a sure-shot vision for a trending marketing campaign, and GoPro has cracked the code.

For taking their creativity to the top, they collaborated with creators who showed their active and healthy lifestyle through GoPro and made it a definite accessory to add to your extreme sports trip or a run outside with amazing views.

The users received it very well, and the Instagram feed was refreshed with various videos of users rocking the campaign’s agenda!



The campaigns have sure received tons of feedback and given inspiration to many others, but every idea these days holds the potential to be converted into something good, if executed with the right strategies.

Let’s learn about more such campaigns in further blogs!


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